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One of the biggest things you need in this industry
is steady support and mentoring.

Yep. You need your personal YODA.

Usually, this is hard to come by.

It’ll either cost way too much…

…Or, you’ll be “promised” support, but after they get
your money, you can’t get ANY HELP at all!!

Top Notch, INCREDIBLE SUPPORT, is one major
factor in the success of so many with the mttb
system, and it’s why I recommend them to you:

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For one, you get your very own success coach. These
coaches are meticulously chosen.

They’re the cream of the crop, top marketers themselves.
Many are 6-7 figure earners.

Let that sink in:

You. Get. Your. Own. Coach!!


Next, you get access to multiple PRIVATE MEMBER

For instance, the main members group has over 9,000
members at the moment.

Others are even smaller, more intimate groups.

All of them are filled with incredible information.

Knowledge bombs worth thousands are being
dropped in these groups daily.

And what’s better, is you have all of the top earners,
coaches, staff, and other successful members right
there at your finger tips.

Got a question?
Need help?

Want to share a minor or major success?
Want to know you’re headed in the right direction?

Whatever it is, this group is there for you.

It’s invaluable stuff really!!

How often is it that you can converse with the top
earners in a company, and they’re willing and ready
to openly help you and point you in the right

Not because they’re obligated to, but because they

They WANT to see you succeed.

And they’re incredibly passionate about and know
from personal experience that this system will get
you there:

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If you want world-class support that will always be
there for you…

…If you want access to the best system currently
on the market, which is constantly evolving and
being made better…

….Then get started below:

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Hope to see your introduction in the groups and I
look forward to seeing your comment of your
very first big commission with this system!!

Talk later,


Email Grammar tips…

Writing email is a beast in of itself, and most people
get it ALL WRONG.

Email is the best, let me repeat, the BEST way to
generate a steady income online -coupled with the
right products you’re selling and promoting of

So, it’s something that you want to get right. Right?

Thing is, most people think getting email right is by
becoming a literary guild member that has pretty,
“”grammatically correct”” emails…

They become bonafide members of the Spellcheck
Nazi Club, like that’s going to put money in their pockets.

And I get these emails from time to time. Subscribers
pointing out to me where I’ve missed some comma or
something like that.

Some other error which often, is NOT an error in email
etiquette. Often it’s something I’ve put there intentionally
that they’ve ever so graciously brought to my attention.

But here’s the thing, while they’re stressing over periods
and commas, I’m making money.

Because that’s not what makes the money in this industry.
Some of the top email marketers and online business
owners out there can barely spell their names for
goodness sake!

They’re making 6-7 figures, not for their spelling skills, but
for the “”specific way”” in which they write, and I’ll share that
with you in just a sec.

Now as a quick caveat, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t
write well, or that you don’t need to worry about spending
a few extra minutes to proof your emails before you send
them out.

If you want to do that, in most cases that’s fine.

What I’m saying is that you need to focus on what’s
important. On what brings home the bacon.

80/20 baby!

What’s that which we should focus on, you say?

Writing in a CONVERSATIONAL tone.

That’s the most important thing, by far.

Writing like people talk in a conversation.

So things like this are game in email: (Talking in bold
to MAKE A POINT. Using “”…”” to keep people reading…

Using multiple exclamations if you want to scream!!!
Using very short sentences to drive. something. home.

Using all kinds of odd slang and words strung together
that would make your English Teacher cringe.

All in the name of writing like you talk and getting your
emails out there to the world, daily if at all possible.

Don’t sweat any of the other stuff. We’re talking in an
authentic way to our tribe and connecting with them.

That’s it.

We’re not trying to win the Pulitzer Prize here.

Did you know that many of the worlds top copywriters,
working for 7-9 figure brands, even PURPOSELY will
go through and ADD errors to their emails and sales



Because it increases conversions. They get more sales
as a result!!!

Turns out it makes their copy more authentic. More human.
Almost like talking one on one to a person.

Kinda like what ‘ye olde emails are for.

You can take this email, straight to the bank.

I challenge you, write an email a day for the next 30 days
to your list. Be authentic, tell stories, speak conversational,
and have a few irresistible offers sprinkled in there that
will really help ‘em.

If you don’t have that, use this:

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

And if you don’t have a list, that’s not the point. Get into the
habit of writing conversational email daily. It’s a skill that
will change your life.

Besides, you can throw a couple bucks at a few solo ads, get
some traffic from FB or a host of other places, and have a
fast growing list as soon as you decide to take this seriously.

We all start at Subscriber #0.

What’s important is that you START.

To your journey,


How to think richly…

Inside one of the training steps in the mttb system
(this system: http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb),
it goes deep into talking about the difference in mindsets
from a broke person versus a rich person.

Not just rich in dollar terms, but in every sense of
the word too.

I can’t paste in the whole step here, but here’s just
a few of the differences in mindsets:

*Rich people believe ‘I create my life.’
Poor people believe ‘Life happens to me.’ e.g. They
are always in the victim mode.

*Rich people are committed to be rich.
Poor people WANT to be rich.

*Rich people think big.
Poor people think small.

*Rich people focus on opportunities.
Poor people focus on obstacles.

*Rich people are willing to promote themselves and
their value.
Poor people think negatively about selling and

These are just a FEW discussed in the module. Of
course, there is a lot more. It goes MUCH deeper,
and each other skill, mindset, and difference in
the rich vs. poor is critical to ‘get’ and understand
if you’re to be successful.

Once you begin to think and act as the rich do, this
will almost NATURALLY RESULT in you earning
more money. Sometimes a lot more!!

The entire mttb system is geared at making you a
smashing success.

However, the particular step we just barely scratched
the surface on here, will help you more than you know.

Get access to the mindset module, and the rest of the
course right here:

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

Here’s to a healthy mindset, healthy profits, and an
awesome life.

Have a great day,



From marketing to politics and government, to global climate
and everything else under the sun, there’s always some
“expert” on that subject.

I can GUARANTEE you that if Google or FB released some
new feature (think G+, FB Ads, Twitter PPC etc.), there will
be some expert within DAYS teaching you how to profit and
use it.

Can you really be an expert in DAYS?

Well, the term expert is relative from one guy to the next, but
the easy answer is NO.

With this mass influx of “experts”, it’s led to a massive, global
distrust of these so-called pros that we can trust and rely on.

And it’s even worse in our little online marketing and business

ANYONE can write a book or release a course within hours
or days.

Then, the perceived thought is, well, that they’re an EXPERT!!

How do we get around this?
How do we know who to trust?


We look past the surface.
We need to look at the FACTS.

Words are cheap, appearances mean very little.
SHOW ME the proof.

That’s where it’s at.

Of course, the best way is to simply do something and prove it
for yourself.

This is one of the reasons I like to recommend the mttb system
to my select friends.

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

You can completely do all of your own due diligence, and getting
a coach and started with the system is EXTREMELY cheap.

Once you’re inside of your members area, you’ll receive solid
proof that what you’re getting asked to do, indeed makes sense,
and WILL WORK for you.

Watching this presentation:

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

You’ll see case studies of people from all walks of life, making their
first small commission, their first $1k, and… their first million with
this exact system that you now have access to.

‘Tis awesome.

Catch ya later,


Patience, a Cash Cow Virtue?

“You Just Earned A Commission!”

How would you like to get email notifications like this
all throughout the day?




However, getting to that point isn’t always easy. Even for
the “pro” starting a new business or launch, he knows the
notifications WILL be coming.

But, only after…

Only after he’s got his plan, starts to take action, then
tweaks, fails, tweaks more, fails more, and then BOOM!

Commissions, commissions, and more commissions are
now rolling in.

This reveals one big distinguishing mark between someone
struggling, and someone doing very well.

The strugglers have the plan, they want the results just as
bad and they’re willing to work hard to get there, yet, they
simply just give up too early!

They see something that doesn’t make them immediate
profit as a failure rather than a success, as a part of the

So, for one, we can all be a bit more PATIENT.

And, we can reframe our thought process. (This is big.)

When something doesn’t work, you just learned something
very valuable, and as long as you don’t give up, you’re
now one step closer to success.

For example: Take investing in paid traffic. Someone
with the wrong internal framing will spend $10 bucks a
day on FB Ads.

And after about $75 in the hole, he’ll start to get antsy.

And then after another $50 or so, he’s given up and
has moved on to the next thing.

Bad, bad, BAD MOVE, Nacho Libre!!

Then you’ve got the guy that KNOWS this is part of the
game. Just as sure as the sun rises each morning, he
expects setbacks and a little trial and error with
something, anything…

So he invests $75 in his ads. Again, they don’t work. No
sales. Just a trickle of leads.

Yet, instead of testing just a few ads, he now tries 10-15
different versions (it literally takes no time to do this).

He targets different markets, groups of interests, and
he just keeps chugging along each day testing, tracking
and tweaking.

Then all of the sudden…


He’s in the money!

Now he can scale up the winning ads and make even
more cash.

The one difference between failure and success?

He was patient. He tracked. He stayed at it just a little
bit longer. He was committed to the process.

Can you commit to the process too?

Sure you can. I believe in you.

And I’ll tell ya, one of the big problems folks have with
this specific arena (paid traffic) is that their profits
aren’t NEAR large enough.

THAT’S their issue. Nothing else.

If they could spend $200 and get a $1,000 sale, their
whole life would change.

But spending $200 and getting a few $47 sales or
one $97 sale just doesn’t cut it. It’s just depressing.

There’s not enough fat on the bacon for profits!

You NEED high ticket commissions on top of your
lower ticket offers. Without a question.

What would it mean to YOU if you could get a few
$1k, $3k, and $5k commissions per month?

Game changer?

For most, getting commissions like this is a BIG
game changer! Life changing, in fact!!

I’m excited to share this amazing system with you
that will enable these type of commissions into
your business and life:

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

Let me know if I can help or if you’ve got any

And remember, be patient and stick at it!! It’ll pay
off in the long run.

And that’s what counts.

Have a great day,


How to S.T.A.R.T.?

n the direst of situations, when tragedy strikes, terrorism,
natural disasters, whatever the case is, the early responders
to the scene implement something called S.T.A.R.T.

It stands for:


This is done when results are needed -ULTRA FAST!!
When there’s no room for playin’ around.

(Sort of like the fast results many want in our industry.)

The KEY is in the simple, rapid, and triage parts of it.

We get the simple part, right?

The more simple the system, the more likely we’ll be
able to do it.

If it’s too complicated, we’ll just get frustrated and give

We get the rapid part too. We need to take fast action
or we’ll never get the results we want. No lollygagging
around in this business.

There’s no time for watching other people succeed
while we’re sitting on the sidelines. We have to be
in the game playing at our best.

And then there’s triage…

And that’s where many get tripped up.

Triage is basically where you assign ‘degrees of
urgency’ to something so that you’re focusing on
the most important and critical things first.

Again, this is where most folks will get all

They’re trying to learn and do ALL THE WRONG

I’ll be blunt, if you’re not at the $75k+ a year mark in
your online business yet, you have little to no business
creating products, trying to build complicated systems,
managing staff, affiliates, and so forth…

What do you do, then?


You focus on the critical, most important things. And
you do that ONLY!

In an emergency situation, rescuers will be focused on
saving lives. If they got a call from an older woman
with a cat stuck in her tree, they wouldn’t even
entertain the thought of leaving the scene to help this
lady with a legit problem!

Same thing here. Triage. There ARE other things you
could do. Things that may warrant your attention at “some”

But not just yet.

Right now, you need results fast. You need:

Cash. In. Your. Pockets.

So what DO you do?

Step one to making money. You need leads. You need
to nurture and build relationships with these leads.

The better they know you, the better results you’ll get.

THAT’S your focus. #Getting leads.

That’s how you’ll get rapid results and profits.

This system will not only teach you exactly how to do
get leads very easily, but it’ll also do nearly everything
else, FOR YOU:


-Product fulfillment.
-High ticket commissions without you doing a thing.
-NEW updated trainings regularly. (Never question
what’s working right now and what’s old news.)
-A true, proven, automated and 7-figure system.
-And a LOT more…

Get it here:


Talk later,


5 Ways To Get Your First Sale Online!

6 am.

I wake up.

Slip out of my covers.

And in to the kitchen I go.

If you’re like me, you can’t function without coffee.

You fill your coffee maker with water, add the grounds,
and the result is a piping hot and fresh cup of coffee
to start your day with.

Simple, step by step directions. Reliable and consistently
tasty coffee, every day.

Now here’s the question:

Does running a profitable online business have to be so
much harder than this?

Although there’s a “bit” more to it, that’s what you want to
be shooting for.

A simple, easy to follow daily recipe for success!.
Something that you can do like clockwork, day in and
day out.

Here’s 5 ways to accomplish this PLUS a big bonus tip.

1) Get clear on your goals and plans. Without clarity,
knowing exactly what you want, and having a general
plan to get there, you’ll never succeed.

This includes getting your MIND right too!

You’ve got to tell yourself that you’ll feel the resistance
to take action. Even with a great opportunity, you’ll
have this pulling urge to just let it sit on your lap.

Know this in advance, know it’ll be uncomfortable, and
get your mind right. Have the mindset that you’ll act
regardless. That fear and resistance will always be
the first step to your success each day.

(Truly, foreseeing and planning on what will occur in
the future is POWER. Look out for an email from me in
a few days on this. It’ll be the Stoic one.)

2) Have a system to follow with something awesome to

You can follow the MTTB System, proven and guaranteed
to work. Or, if you’ve got something already, cool. Just
keep reading then:

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

(Just make sure its profit potential is big like with mttb. You
need big sales opportunities to make big money in this
biz. That’s a straight up fact.)

3) Drive traffic to your links.

MTTB reveals to you exactly how to do this. Without
steady and regular traffic going into your business, you
have no business.

The good news is, it’s not hard to do this. Traffic isn’t
the issue. Ever. *See number 5.

4) Offer an irresistible offer to your leads. This isn’t
completely necessary, but it certainly will give you a
big leg up over the competition.

What do your leads want? What do they need?

Give them that. They give you $1.00. You give $100.00
back of value in return.

5) Ascend your customers. This is where the big bucks
come in for you. It’s where you take a $7.00 customer and
turn them into a $27,000 customer.

So instead of offering $700 of value to a $7.00 customer
(see point 4), you now offer $270,000 of value to a
$27,000 customer!

Alright, I’m throwing a lot of numbers here and you might
be thinking, “how the heck can I add that much value to

Fear ye not. I’ve got the solution.

You Let Somebody Else Do It:

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

That’s the beauty of having a multi-million dollar global
company like MOBE in your corner. Which brings me to
the big bonus tip.


We talked about coffee a sec ago. When we make coffee
at our home, we’re getting that fresh cup of Joe with
minimum effort.

All of the hard work has already been done FOR US.

We didn’t have to fly to Columbia or Costa Rica, grow
the bean, harvest, roast, and grind it before we could
start brewing and enjoying a cup.

No, we just grab a bag from the store or even get it
already brewed hot from somewhere like Starbucks.

That’s much how the mttb system works.

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

This is especially important with regards of running a
SIMPLE business, and following the ascension model.

With mttb, it’s built-in to the opportunity. The company
and system works on your behalf.

And this can result in $1,000-$9,000 commissions and

Watch the presentation, or read the letter if you prefer.

And if you like, watch it while you enjoy a fresh cup of
coffee! 😉

Anyways I hope today’s tips helps you out in some way.

Have a great day,