Why It’s Easier to Sell “Cure” then “Prevention”

One of the most hallowed tenets to sales and marketing is…

It’s easier to sell the cure than it is to sell the prevention.

And yet, wise people know that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Why is it so hard to sell prevention?

• Because most people don’t like to think of bad things happening in the future.
• Most people like to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the risk of bad things befalling them or their family.
• Most people are lazy.
• Most people are cheap.
• Most people don’t want to plan.
• Most people don’t believe “it” will ever happen to them…whatever “it” is.

And even after the global financial crisis proved that nobody is immune to financial disasters, people still prefer to whistle through the graveyard. Human nature rarely changes.

And that’s why most people don’t start an online business until they need it as a “cure”.

They keep saying they’re going to start their own business but they never do until…

• They get laid off from their job
• They get injured and can’t do their job anymore
• They retire and find they don’t have enough money saved to support the lifestyle they want
• Some catastrophic financial event occurs and leaves them scrambling for extra income

And that’s a terrible time to start a business…when you’re stressed out, desperate, low on cash…and in need of a cure!

It’s like waiting until you have heart disease and saying, “Fix it with bypass surgery!”

Expensive, messy, inconvenient, and dangerous!

Now, I know this is a hard sell, and most people reading this will ignore it (see the reasons above). But if you’re one of the wise ones who believes in prevention (you’re not lazy, cheap, and blindly in denial about the risk of bad things happening to you), then why not get started with MTTB today?

It’s only $49 to start.

It comes with a ten-times-your-money back guarantee.

And it’s worked to the tune of $20,000,000 in commissions paid.

Why wait until you have financial heart disease and desperately need a “cure”?

Start exercising, eating right…and start building your online business empire today!

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