Being extremely dissatisfied is totally a GOOD THING?

Yea, weird thing to say right?

But it’s true.

Think about this. If you’re mildly dissatisfied or unhappy
with anything in your life, say, having a low income, or
being stuck in a job that you hate, you can “”deal”” with it.

And some people deal with it for 20-40 years until they
hit the retirement age!

They were dissatisfied just to the point where they could
put up with it, but not to the point where it would require
a CHANGE to be made.

Mild dissatisfaction is a terrible thing to have in my

It’s like a slow leak in a car tire. You can tolerate it, just
filling up the tire with air as needed. You could go on
doing that for a loooooong time.

Yet, if the tire were to experience a huge rip in its side
causing air to uncontrollably burst out, driving would be

You’d have to make a drastic change and get a new
tire immediately!

EXTREME dissatisfaction dictates that you just can’t take
things as they are anymore.

That change MUST transpire.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to hit rock bottom,
or that your life has to be miserable in order for you to
create a better life for yourself and your family.

But it does mean that you need to get dissatisfied with
where you’re at right now. I mean REALLY dissatisfied.

It’s means you have to create a “”catalyst”” for change.

You have to create the urgency that the air isn’t slowly
leaking out of the tire (your life), it’s bursting open and
needs immediate attention and action to fix things!

What’s it that you see in your mind right now that
you’re fed up with? What would you like to be
better? What do you dream of achieving?

What does it feel like looking back to this day a few
months from now, having made the decision to
change and now you’re LIVING THE CHANGE?

HAVING the things you’ve always wanted…

Powerful stuff.

Create the catalyst in your mind, and then take the
actions to get there.

This can help you with the ACTION (go, go, go and
make the change now) part:

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Because once you decide to make the change, you
still need a proven plan to follow to help you pull it
off and get to where you want to be in your life.

The mttb system is the best of it’s kind. Actually it
may be the only of it’s kind, as the big, juicy, high
ticket commissions are closed and SHARED with

It’s the actual profitable part of this business, which
most of the “”gurus”” are secretly hiding from you.

Not with mttb though.

You’ll love the way this is all laid out for you.

==> http://m0be.com/aust651/9d218fbb

To your success,


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