How to become a MASTER in business and life…

Today’s email is one you do not want to miss. It’s
about Mastery.

It’s about getting what you want out of your life.
If you’re not profitable, if you’re not where you
want to be in your business or life?

Likely, it’s a mastery issue.

And we’ll quickly cover what you need to fix this
right now.

(Quick recommend: Read Mastery by Robert
Greene. ‘Tis good.)

1) You MUST discover your calling.
AKA: What do you want to do?

Only when you know what you want to do can
you then develop a reasonable plan to follow.

And this is all about YOU.

If you turn on to social media and check your
inbox, you’re exposed to what others want you
to do.

Get back to YOU. What do you like, want, and
what do you want your life to look like 6 months
from now?

This is a very important step because getting to
where you want to go doesn’t happen overnight.

As Robert Greene says, mastery is a slog.

It takes real effort, although it’s WELL WORTH

Again, figure out what you want to do, and then
develop a plan of attack.

(If starting a profitable online business is your
goal, here’s a proven plan you can easily
follow, even part-time:
>> )

2) Get A Mentor.

Having a mentor is one of the few true shortcuts
to success.

Just one tip, one suggestion to “do this, not that”,
can save you years of struggling and can make
you ultra successful.

Finding a mentor doesn’t mean finding the biggest
guru or name in the biz. It’s about finding someone
you connect with, respect, and that has a life
somewhat similar to what you yourself want.

(MTTB gives you a coach/mentor. They’re the best
of the best and all of the peeps they mentor
RAVE about them!
>> )

And finally, here’s the last big tip I want to hit you
with today. And it’s possibly the most important

See Things As They Are.

Let me explain.

You can take the most powerful system to success,
like mttb, you can take the person with the greatest
skills, EVERYTHING can be stacked in your favor.

However, all of this can be NEUTRALIZED.

It can 110% be neutralized by having a lack of
social skills, not knowing how to influence, not
knowing how to handle certain people, situations

Our brains are developed and respond on a Social
Level. So this is a KEY ELEMENT to mastery and
success in your life.

This is why many do what looks right on the “surface”
but they’re still not seeing success.

And although I believe you should definitely master
this part of your life, it’s one reason I recommend
MTTB so whole-heartedly to people:


The mastery, the persuasion and social elements
are all built-in FOR YOU.


Also, if you don’t know how to deal in selling High
Ticket items, which if you don’t know by now is a
MUST in this online economy…

…Then you’ll get nowhere.

And this is why a Key Element in the mttb system is
having a skilled team selling high ticket, life-changing
programs FOR YOU.

And when and only when you’re ready, you can do it
yourself “IF” you want.

Most just let the team land the $1,000-$9,000
commissions for them. Let them do the hard work!

And you can have the lifestyle and time to do what
you want!

Time with the family? Check!
Vacation? Yes!
Pursue hobbies? Boom!
Never worrying about a “bill” again? Shazam!!

It’s ALL POSSIBLE with this incredible system.

You’ve got the plan.

Now, it’s time to put the plan into action.

Have a great day,


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