How to think richly…

Inside one of the training steps in the mttb system
(this system:,
it goes deep into talking about the difference in mindsets
from a broke person versus a rich person.

Not just rich in dollar terms, but in every sense of
the word too.

I can’t paste in the whole step here, but here’s just
a few of the differences in mindsets:

*Rich people believe ‘I create my life.’
Poor people believe ‘Life happens to me.’ e.g. They
are always in the victim mode.

*Rich people are committed to be rich.
Poor people WANT to be rich.

*Rich people think big.
Poor people think small.

*Rich people focus on opportunities.
Poor people focus on obstacles.

*Rich people are willing to promote themselves and
their value.
Poor people think negatively about selling and

These are just a FEW discussed in the module. Of
course, there is a lot more. It goes MUCH deeper,
and each other skill, mindset, and difference in
the rich vs. poor is critical to ‘get’ and understand
if you’re to be successful.

Once you begin to think and act as the rich do, this
will almost NATURALLY RESULT in you earning
more money. Sometimes a lot more!!

The entire mttb system is geared at making you a
smashing success.

However, the particular step we just barely scratched
the surface on here, will help you more than you know.

Get access to the mindset module, and the rest of the
course right here:


Here’s to a healthy mindset, healthy profits, and an
awesome life.

Have a great day,


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