Patience, a Cash Cow Virtue?

“You Just Earned A Commission!”

How would you like to get email notifications like this
all throughout the day?




However, getting to that point isn’t always easy. Even for
the “pro” starting a new business or launch, he knows the
notifications WILL be coming.

But, only after…

Only after he’s got his plan, starts to take action, then
tweaks, fails, tweaks more, fails more, and then BOOM!

Commissions, commissions, and more commissions are
now rolling in.

This reveals one big distinguishing mark between someone
struggling, and someone doing very well.

The strugglers have the plan, they want the results just as
bad and they’re willing to work hard to get there, yet, they
simply just give up too early!

They see something that doesn’t make them immediate
profit as a failure rather than a success, as a part of the

So, for one, we can all be a bit more PATIENT.

And, we can reframe our thought process. (This is big.)

When something doesn’t work, you just learned something
very valuable, and as long as you don’t give up, you’re
now one step closer to success.

For example: Take investing in paid traffic. Someone
with the wrong internal framing will spend $10 bucks a
day on FB Ads.

And after about $75 in the hole, he’ll start to get antsy.

And then after another $50 or so, he’s given up and
has moved on to the next thing.

Bad, bad, BAD MOVE, Nacho Libre!!

Then you’ve got the guy that KNOWS this is part of the
game. Just as sure as the sun rises each morning, he
expects setbacks and a little trial and error with
something, anything…

So he invests $75 in his ads. Again, they don’t work. No
sales. Just a trickle of leads.

Yet, instead of testing just a few ads, he now tries 10-15
different versions (it literally takes no time to do this).

He targets different markets, groups of interests, and
he just keeps chugging along each day testing, tracking
and tweaking.

Then all of the sudden…


He’s in the money!

Now he can scale up the winning ads and make even
more cash.

The one difference between failure and success?

He was patient. He tracked. He stayed at it just a little
bit longer. He was committed to the process.

Can you commit to the process too?

Sure you can. I believe in you.

And I’ll tell ya, one of the big problems folks have with
this specific arena (paid traffic) is that their profits
aren’t NEAR large enough.

THAT’S their issue. Nothing else.

If they could spend $200 and get a $1,000 sale, their
whole life would change.

But spending $200 and getting a few $47 sales or
one $97 sale just doesn’t cut it. It’s just depressing.

There’s not enough fat on the bacon for profits!

You NEED high ticket commissions on top of your
lower ticket offers. Without a question.

What would it mean to YOU if you could get a few
$1k, $3k, and $5k commissions per month?

Game changer?

For most, getting commissions like this is a BIG
game changer! Life changing, in fact!!

I’m excited to share this amazing system with you
that will enable these type of commissions into
your business and life:


Let me know if I can help or if you’ve got any

And remember, be patient and stick at it!! It’ll pay
off in the long run.

And that’s what counts.

Have a great day,


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