Yep. I said it…

To-do lists alone are WORTHLESS.

Yet, this is how most people try to get things done.
They write down all of their “to-dos” for the day,
they look at the HUGE list, get overwhelmed, and
get very little if any of it actually done.

To-do lists are ineffective because it should NOT be
the end all be all.

It’s STEP 1.

Here’s what you do, according to Cal Newport, one of
the most productive guys out there.

Write down your to-do list, then, schedule everything

What this does is it FORCES you to see exactly how
long it will take to do something, and, how much time
YOU have to do it.

This also works well because in your mind, you’ve
committed yourself to actually DOING the things in
that time frame.

So for example:

9:00 Purchase 500 clicks, 100 clicks each from 5
different solo ad vendors. (2 hrs.)

11:00 Check stats and start 3 new ads on FB. ( 1 hr.)

12:00-1:30 Lunch and Exercise.

2:00 Work on new sales letter and offer. (2 hrs.)

4:00 Write and send out valuable email to list. ( 1 hr.)

5:00 Check email, head home to eat dinner with family.


Alright, you get the point right?

This is waaaaay more effective than just writing 30 things
that pop up in your head and writing it out on a to-do list,
hoping and praying that you at least get a few of the things
knocked out.

Scheduling it in to specific times makes it real. It makes
you committed to doing it.

And, it makes you confident that’ll you can reasonably
get it all done.

Next, you want to set up concrete boundaries, and work
from there.

Whatever it is, if you’ve got 1 hour a day to work this
business, or 8, you fit everything you need into that

This will force you to say NO more, to weed out doing the
non-essential, and just focusing in on the big needle-mover

This will also allow you to actually have a life and avoid
getting burned out!!

Further, don’t just plan out your day, plan out your WEEK.
This doesn’t have to take long. Simply spend an hour
Sunday night or early Monday morning and chart out
what you want and need to get done.

And finally, focus on doing DEEP WORK, not shallow

Checking all emails, making non-important phone calls,
looking busy just for the sake of looking busy is all shallow

It’s how most people work at their j-o-b-s.

It’s constantly responding to low value, time consuming

You DO NOT want to do this.

Do what counts. Do what makes a difference in your life
and the lives of others.

Granted, all this isn’t simple, but having STRUCTURE
like this in your business, ironic as it sounds, will give
you more freedom then you’ve ever had before.

This is especially the case if your to-dos isn’t that large
in the first place!!

You can accomplish this by partnering up with a business
model that’s already proven, running, and willing to do
most things FOR YOU.

Like this system here:


In essence, they’re taking care of all the big TO-DOS, and
you get to just focus on a few things.

As a result, you profit handsomely, and you’re able to run a
lean business whilst having a great lifestyle.

Hope this helps,


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