A huge study was just concluded (still many studies
being done on this) on a little topic called, GRIT.

Turns out, the big difference between success and
failure, is oftentimes all in the person’s attitude.

GRIT means you will persevere, you’ll be brave,
you’ll have stamina, a backbone.

You’ll git’er done!!

It’s not just a term we call TOUGH people. It’s a
legit skill and thing you should and can have too.

How do you get it??

Here’s a few tips pulled from this study:

1) Set A Goal.

Goal setting is essential. Don’t obsess over the
difficulty of it all. If it’s important to you, you’ll
get it done.

Set your goal clearly in your sites, make it
meaningful, and then get at it!

2) Practice, practice, practice.

This is a big one. It tells us that success is NOT
about raw talent. It’s about raw practice!!

You’ve got to take imperfect massive action,
especially in this industry, and this will involve
frustration, failure, concentration, and getting
expert feedback…

Which is why it’s so cool and soooo important
that you have a coach in your business, like
with this system:


3) Be Optimistic.

A person with grit will experience a setback, and
instead of getting mad and wanting to give up,
he thinks, hey, if he does just a little bit more
next time, it’ll put him over the hump!

And, he doesn’t blame others. Whether at fault
or not, he usually blames himself, learns his
lesson, and positively moves forward.

4) Expect Difficulty.

Wishful thinking (like, “everything will go smoothly”)
is just that, wishful thinking.

Expect obstacles, PLAN FOR THEM, know that
they’re coming.

And know this, busting through them is quite
satisfying and will put you in the top 10% of the
worlds wealthy!!

5) Don’t Become Distracted.

We live in a “culture of distraction”, says internet
entrepreneur Joe Kraus.

An average teenager these days receives 3,300
texts a month. (CrAzY!!!!)

And you probably get this many marketing emails
a month too, right!?

Getting distracted is the NORM.

So… DON’T get distracted. Recognize this as a
difficulty (See point #4), and plan for it. FOCUS.

Adhere to these 5 tips and you’ll be well on your
way to gaining more GRIT.

And this will result in massive improvements into
your life and business.

Speaking of improvements in your business, have
you started with the mttb system yet?


It’s the BEST business to focus and apply these 5
points with.

And this is because it will couple your newfound
grit with something called LEVERAGE.

Just a little bit of grit will go a loooong way in this
specific business model.

All because of what we call Top Tier profits.

What’s even better is that your coach will earn
commissions from $1k to $9k FOR YOU.

Yep. They do the heavy, really gritty lifting, and
you get the bulk of the rewards.

Check out the presentation here for more details:

Talk soon,


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